Savage Mocks Robert Byrd’s Tears: We Should ‘Send In Orderlies In White Coats’ To ‘Remove The Old Man’

savage1.jpgYesterday, upon news of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, “a moment of anguished silence” brushed over Washington, Massachussetts, and the entire country. Many senators took to the floor to express their sadness at the news, including Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV). Byrd, the longest-serving senator, broke down in tears as he paid tribute to Kennedy, the second-longest-serving senator. (Watch his tribute here).

Apparently, king of hate radio Michael Savage found the whole situation funny. On his radio show yesterday, after mocking Kennedy by playing a bizarre montage featuring Arnold Schwarzennegger from “Kindergarten Cop” and a song about liberal facism by the band the Dead Kennedys, Savage ripped into Byrd’s heartfelt tribute as well:

SAVAGE: And if you think that we have a bunch of senile old coots running Congress, what I’m about to play for you will confirm your worst fears. […]

I’m asking you, would a sane nation permit a senile senator to hold his seat? You gently send in orderlies in white coats, and they gently remove the old man, and they put him in a chair — strap him in — in the Senate retirement home, and wheel him over next to a curtain facing a nice outdoor window, and three times a day they feed it.

Listen to it, starting at 9:45:

Michael Savage enjoys prime-time coverage on two radio stations in Massachussets, Kennedy’s home state: WRKO AM 680, in Boston, and WCRN AM 830, in Worcester. Contact these stations and tell them to cut Savage’s hate and vitriol from their programs:

WRKO Boston: E-mail Program Director Jason Wolfe here
WRCN Worcester: Call 508-792-5803, or e-mail the station here

If “sputtering invective” against Holocaust survivors, Latinos, African Americans, U.S. soldiers, immigrants, and Muslims — to name a few — isn’t enough to keep Savage off the air, perhaps slurring two respected public figures will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.