Fox’s Campaign Carl Lies, Gives McCain Credit For Fictitious GI Bill Provision

Yesterday, while speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) attempted to steal credit for the GI Bill that he actively opposed. Fox News’s Carl Cameron gave McCain’s efforts a major boost last night, declaring that McCain successfully changed the GI Bill — to create “a more proportionate award” of benefits — and thus was able to support it:

CAMERON: John McCain initially took some opposition to it [the GI Bill], because in McCain’s view, it didn’t proportionately give GI benefits to servicemen and women, depending on how long they were actually in active duty and service. He thought it should be a more proportionate award. He fought for it, it was inserted into the legislation, and in the end, McCain supported it.

Watch it:

The GI Bill as approved in no way resembles McCain’s so-called proportional proposal. The GI Bill provides 100 percent tuition payments to those who have served 36 months in active duty, and gives 80 percent to those who have served 24 months. By contrast, under McCain’s proposal, a soldier would have had to serve four times as long — 12 years in active duty — to be eligible for the most generous benefits.

McCain has offered a handful of excuses why he did not support the GI Bill, claiming it was too expensive, too generous, or might somehow hamper retention rates. The fact is that McCain was always “full of it” on the bill, and now — with the help of Fox News — he’s simply trying to rewrite history. (HT: Newshounds)

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