Hannity: No One At Fox News Has Ever Accused Obama Of Being A Muslim

Last night on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes, right-wing host Sean Hannity angrily insisted no one at Fox News had ever insinuated that Obama was a Muslim. When his guest said that McCain did not “accuse [Obama] of being a Muslim,” Hannity jumped in: “Neither has anyone on Fox.” Watch it:

In fact, it was Fox News who originally gave a national voice to the whisper campaign about Obama’s religion. Last January, Fox’s Steve Doocy triumphantly declared that Obama “was a Muslim…raised as a Muslim, went to a madrassa.” He described the madrassa as “financed by Saudis, they teach this Wahhabiism, which pretty much hates us.” “The big question,” Doocy wondered, “is was that on the curriculum back then?”

What’s more, Hannity’s show has given ample airtime to Jerome Corsi, author of a factually inaccurate smear book about Obama, to repeatedly raise questions about Obama’s religion. Just last month on Hannity’s show, Corsi said, “When he [Obama] says he has never had Islamic instruction, that’s not true.” Watch it:

As Brave New Films has documented, Fox constantly raised questions about whether Obama is or was a Muslim — and it continues to do so. Just this summer, Laura Ingraham insinuated that Obama’s father being a Muslim was enough to prove the case: “I mean, because if your Jewish, your mother is Jewish, you’re considered Jewish, right?” she said. In June, Fox host Brit Hume used an unsubstantiated news article to declare that although Obama says he is a committed Christian, “Obama’s half brother is not so sure.

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