Fox News: Palin Won VP Debate Because She Had A Bigger Flag Pin

This morning, the hosts of Fox and Friends discussed last night’s vice presidential debate, concluding that Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) was the “big winner.” As evidence, they said that she looked “relaxed.” “You saw somebody who was talking to you like she was just sitting at the kitchen table,” concluded Gretchen Carlson. “She seemed to want to be there,” said Brian Kilmeade, before adding that “Joe Biden did well.”

Steve Doocy then jumped in by pointing out the fact that although both Biden and Palin were wearing flag pins, Palin’s was “about three times the size of his.” “So I would say flag-pin wise, she is a hands-down winner,” said Doocy. Carlson noted that her pin had “a few more jewels” too. Watch it:

Although Fox and Friends may have been trying to imply that the greater the size of the pin, the greater one’s patriotism, the real reason Palin’s pin was big and sparkly is because she was wearing a brooch. They are often ornamented with gemstones and more typically worn by women, explaining why Biden did not wear the same item.

Additionally, during the first presidential debate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) wasn’t wearing a flag pin at all, whereas Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) was:


Of course the day after that debate, Fox and Friends never declared Obama the “hands-down winner,” nor did they note the absence of McCain’s flag pin. In the past, Doocy has attacked Obama for “kick[ing] his American flag pin to the curb.” (HT: Raw Replay)


DOOCY: There is a clear winner this morning and it is completely subjective. Take a look. We’ve got a side by side comparison. Examine the flag pins. Joe Biden had a flag pin. Sarah Palin had a flag pin. As you can see, hers is screen right. His is screen left. Hers is about three times the size of his. So I would say flag-pin wise, she is a hands-down winner.

CARLSON: She has a few more jewels on hers, too.

DOOCY: Yes, she does.