Hannity To Glenn Beck: ‘You’re A Perfect Fit’ For Fox News

hannity-beck2.gif On Thursday, Fox News announced that CNN’s Glenn Beck would join the network next spring, hosting the 5 p.m. daily news program. Yesterday on his radio program, Beck read a congratulatory e-mail from Fox’s Sean Hannity, welcoming him to “the Fox family”:

Welcome to the Fox family. I can honestly tell you working with Roger [Ailes] has been one of the BEST things to ever happen to me in my life. You’re a perfect fit, a great addition to family. I look forward to seeing you.

Listen here:

It’s true that Beck will be a “perfect fit” at Fox News — and with Sean Hannity especially. With Beck on the network, Hannity’s radical right-wing views will get a whole extra hour of exposure, as the two share nearly identical perspectives:


— BECK: War with Iran is no longer a question of “if.” I believe it’s a question of when. … Now we have no longer any other options but to go into Iran. [10/9/07]

— HANNITY: Mission: Iran Showdown. The objective: destroy and disable Iran’s top nuclear facilities, impact its ability to process and enrich uranium, delay its ability to manufacture and deploy nuclear weapons, all while crippling the ruling regime. [9/25/07]


— BECK: You need to torture, I mean, within reason. … You do what you have to do to get the information if it’s pressing. [12/21/07]

— HANNITY: If we have enemy combatants and they have information that can save the lives of innocent Americans or troops, I’m not saying — we have to use very tough techniques. … I want to torture them to the limit. [11/10/06]

— BECK: Waterboarding is torture now? You’re dead wrong! [1/15/08]

— HANNITY: KSM spilled the beans as a result of waterboarding gave up not only his role of 9/11 attacks but several ongoing terror plots hence saving lives. … So if that’s the price we pay for our security is it really that bad? [11/11/07]


— BECK: With his rock star persona, celebrity fan club, a socialist point of view, Obama feels a lot like he’s running for king over president. … I think this man is actually dangerous. [8/13/08]

— HANNITY: Joe the Plumber actually went out there on “Good Morning America” this morning and he said Obama holds the socialist view. For the next 19 days of this campaign, I think America has got a choice. And that is European socialism. [10/16/08]


— BECK: I was against Abu Ghraib and I said, because it didn’t look like it was done by professionals, what was that, stacking people in a pyramid. [11/1/07]

— HANNITY: There was underwear on the head of one of them. We’re not raping and killing anybody. [6/8/05]