Rove: People In Pennsylvania ‘Really Do Cling To Their Guns And Their Faith’

When Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) made his infamous “bitter” comments this past April, the right-wing pounced. Leading the charge against Obama was Karl Rove, who said that the remark showed that Obama “is an elitist, he does think he’s smarter than other people.” Rove told the NRA in May:

We here have news for Barack Obama. The values of those people you diminished are the values of America. And those people don’t like getting patronized, or viewed as an alien species.

Yesterday on Hannity and Colmes, however, Rove — without a hint of irony — repeated the same line as Obama, describing “coal country” Pennsylvanians as those who “really do” cling to guns and religion:

ROVE: But it’s a conservative part of the state, and then if you take the far southwestern corner over there near Pittsburgh and the suburbs, that’s coal country, and that’s the kind of people who really do cling to their guns and their faith, and took a lot of — you know that was part of the state where Obama might be expected to do well.

Alan Colmes picked up on the gaffe. “I don’t believe you just said that. You didn’t say what Obama said?” Colmes asked. Rove stammered, claiming he forgot to add air quotes:

ROVE: No, no, I’m just trying — I’m quoting Obama and then I want it —

COLMES: That was a quote. I just wanted to be sure.

ROVE: That was a quote. In quotes.

COLMES: I didn’t see the hand quote thing.

Watch it:

After Obama made the remarks in April, Sean Hannity asked whether it was evidence that Obama was “hiding his true beliefs.” But as Newshounds observed, “There wasn’t a peep of protest from Sean Hannity” last night. Is Rove hiding his true beliefs? We await the right wing’s condemnation.