Potholders, Caribou, And Snow Machines: Greta’s Hard-Hitting Interview With Sarah Palin

After refusing interviews throughout her three-month campaign for Vice President, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) is now embarking on a “redemption tour,” throwing herself back into the public eye, including an interview with NBC’s Today show and a speech and press conference at this week’s Republican Governor’s Association meeting. Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren devoted two full nights to a backstage interview with Palin.

It was Van Susteren’s second interview with Palin, not including her earlier trip to Alaska for a lengthy — and awkward — interview with the “First Dude,” Todd Palin. Greta’s new interview with Palin passed along such valuable nuggets as what to do when a mama moose attacks, how many caribou Palin has shot, and what household crafts the Palin children like best. Watch highlights of the two-night interview:

Palin also told Greta that she only asked for Todd’s opinion on whether to accept the VP slot at McCain’s suggestion. After McCain formally offered the job to her at his Sedona ranch, he had to remind Palin to consult her husband before agreeing:

PALIN: Just looking right in my eyes and saying, Are you ready for this? Would you like to do this? And I said, I would be honored to run with you. Absolutely. […]

VAN SUSTEREN: Todd wasn’t with you. Did you call Todd then?

PALIN: Well, before I said yes. That was Senator McCain’s recommendation. He says, Why don’t you call your husband and find out, you know, if he’s good with this also. I called Todd, and Todd, too, was no hesitation. He was like, Absolutely. This will be good. Yes, do this. And just good confirmation that, of course, we were to say yes.