The Lap of Luxury


I think this kind of thing, needling politicians for enjoying some fine dining while the global economy suffers, is pretty off-base. There’s a certain amount of emotional logic to the idea that everyone should be living on an austerity budget while things are this bad. But the way the economy works, for the richest and most privileged to radically curtail their spending would have a devastating impact on ordinary people.

Now of course if people were to give up their “Fruitwood-smoked Quail with Quince Gastrique Quinoa Risotto” and instead give the money to a well-run charity, that would be change for the better. But a decision to cut back on consumption now, and just enjoy the quail at some future point when the economy is more robust, would be harmful. But at a time when so many families have absolutely no choice but to cut back, we really need those of have means to be spending their money.