O’Reilly Uses Doctored Photo Of NBC President

Last July, Fox and Friends aired doctored photos of New York Times reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe while attacking them for writing stories critical of Fox News. As Media Matters noted, “the journalists’ teeth had been yellowed, their facial features exaggerated, and portions of Reddicliffe’s hair moved further back on his head.” Some saw the photos as anti-Semitic.

At the time, Bill O’Reilly laughed off the photo alterations: “Fox & Friends poked a little fun at Steinberg for misreporting the situation, as he does all the time, and they used an unflattering caricature of him.” He said Fox News had simply “made fun” of Steinberg — despite the fact that the Fox and Friends hosts did not explain that the photos were doctored when they aired them.

Now O’Reilly has added his own doctored image to the Fox repetoire, in a segment attacking NBC President Jeffery Zucker — apparently just for being the president of O’Reilly’s greatest rival:


The image is stretched to make Zucker look unflattering. Compare O’Reilly’s photo to the original:


O’Reilly’s doctoring is less egregious — and offensive — than that done last summer by Fox & Friends. Still, a doctored photo seems hardly worthy of the label “No Spin Zone.”