Beck: ‘I Was The Most Well-Researched Show’ On CNN, ‘They Forced Me To Document It’

beck.jpgDuring an interview with Time magazine’s Kate Pickert regarding his move to Fox News Channel, conservative talker Glenn Beck claimed that while he was a CNN, his show was “the most well-researched show on CNN”:

PICKERT: You gave up your show on CNN Headline News to launch a new talk show on Fox News in January. How will it be different?

BECK: I liked being over at CNN. … I also think they made me a better broadcaster because, believe me, I was the most well-researched show on CNN. They never let me get away with anything. At the time, it was like, come on guys, cut me some slack. But in retrospect…I know what I know because they forced me to document it.

In the intro to her writeup, Pickert appears to take Beck’s claim at face value. A cursory Google search, however, reveals that during his tenure at CNN, Beck’s show was fraught with exaggerated claims and outright falsehoods. In fact, it seems that no matter what politically-relevant topic Beck chose to discuss, we could count on Beck to get it wrong:

On Taxes: Falsely claimed the U.S. is the “number two” highest taxed country in the world.

On Energy: Falsely claimed “drilling in ANWR alone would yield 100 million barrels a day.”

On Global Warming: Falsely claimed that “the globe was the hottest” and “America’s temperature peaked” in 1934.

On Sub-prime Crisis: Falsely claimed that the sub-prime lenders were “blackmailed” into lending to the poor and minorities by community organizers.

On The Iraq War: Falsely claimed that the U.S. “went into Iraq…to prevent World War III.”

On the Middle East: Falsely claimed that Palestine is “being run now by Hezbollah,” President Abbas is an extremist.

On Obama: Falsely claimed that Fidel Castro endorsed Obama’s candidacy.

Given Beck’s principled disregard for the facts, it’s no wonder that Sean Hannity recently welcomed beck to Fox News Channel saying, “You’re a perfect fit, a great addition to family