Slow News Day

Daniel Davies considers the following to be “a title that you like too much to throw away, but not enough to write a relevant post about.” Fortunately, I can just quote it: “The future is a shoe being thrown at a human face – forever!”

I also agree with this:

Anyway, there’s clearly a Laffer Curve here; on the one hand, if there were no pieings of politicians, the world would be a sad and sorry place, but I’m guessing that if people like Friedman were pied every time they went out, they’d never go out, and we’d still have to read their columns without seeing them occasionally pied. I suspect that we’re not actually on the rightward slope of the Laffer Curve yet and that the world could stand having a few more of these incidents rather than less, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

I know a number of people in the profession who regard any quantity of public pie-ings as tantamount to fascism (really, multiple people have put this argument to me) but I’m with Davies. And, yes, even if a certain amount of pie gets on the face of good people that’s a price worth paying. It’s worth considering that even highly intelligent, well-intentioned people tend to become more-and-more absurd as they become more-and-more prominent. And it’s not really their fault. Nobody could possibly be smart enough or well-intentioned enough to consistently live up to the expectations involved in being the foreign policy columnist for the newspaper of record.