Time: Israel Can’t Win


The Israel policy right-wing still has an incredibly hold over the US Congress with only a few exceptions such as Rep. Donna Edwards. But to an interesting extent that’s not the case in the media. Despite the effort to anathematize John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt, for example, I saw Newsweek run Mearsheimer’s take on how the US should approach the whole region and and one of the things the Washington Post Company did after buying Foreign Policy was hire Walt. There was a neocon effort to intimidate Joe Klein into backing down on something or other he said and that didn’t work. And now what’s on the cover of Time magazine but this: “The siege of Gaza may punish Hamas but won’t make Israel safe.”

And there was this great column yesterday from Nicholas Kristof and now this from Roger Cohen and this from Rashid Khalidi.

Unfortunately, all these expressions of more open-minded thinking on the issue are useless unless they translate into some actual policy substance and I don’t see any clear signs that the new administration intends to do that.