My Assigment Desk

Elliot Spitzer uses his most recent Slate column to call for a renewed spirit of competition and innovation in American business. Yawn. You know what issue I’d like to see Spizter address? Prostitution. It’s illegal. But the laws against it are pretty sporadically enforced. And I think there’s a lot of sentiment that punishing people for consensual acts is wrong, and also that criminalizing prosecution leaves women exposed to violence, abuse, and rape at the hands of pimps and cops alike. At the same time, prostitution legalization hasn’t, where it’s been tried, exactly ushered in a utopia.

So what’s former prospector and former state attorney general Elliot Spitzer think about this? Does he think he deserves to be thrown in jail? The hooker he used to see? And if not, does that call for broader reform of the laws regulating prostitution? Or is there some principled reason why the laws should be on the books but not enforced in this particular case? Seems to me that if Slate‘s editors got him to address these issues they’d get a lot of traffic.