Conservative Media Can’t Get Enough of Non-Existent CBO Report


On C-SPAN yesterday, my opponent naturally brought up the Congressional Budget Office report that dismisses the stimulus plan as too slow to be effective. Today, The Wall Street Journal has an editorial based on the report. And The Washington Times‘s Donald Lambro does the same. And David Brooks did the same on Friday. But as Ryan Grim has reported there is no such CBO report! This is just a zombie notion bopping around the rightosphere being endlessly repeated by people who haven’t read the report. You know they haven’t read it because it doesn’t exist.

You can’t pass a bill, however, without a CBO analysis. And when the analysis is done—which I believe will be this week—people should pay attention to what it says. But until then, people should stop pretending that there’s a report debunking the administration’s work. Given that Peter Orszag left the CBO to go be Obama’s budget director, I think we should be reasonably confident that the Obama administration wouldn’t be so sloppy as to write a proposal that flunks an obvious CBO test.