Retiring Yepsen

By Kay Steiger

David Yepsen The chief political writer for the Des Moines Register, David Yepsen, announced today that he’s leaving journalism to go to an Illinois-based think tank. For those of you who have election amnesia, Yepsen is one of those guys who argued that college students from Illinois probably shouldn’t vote in the Iowa caucuses (there’s more on his argument in this Newsweek article). He reasoned that college students have residence in their home state and shouldn’t be able to caucus in the state where they go to school. Incidentally, he was siding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign over the dispute and against Barack Obama’s campaign. The youth vote, you’ll remember, was a large chunk of why Obama was successful in Iowa. He’s been one of the more influential political columnists because of Iowa’s order in the primary process, but after all those years of calling the shots (sometimes incorrectly) I guess he wants to get out of the business of putting words on a printed page.