After Being Eviscerated By Jon Stewart, Cramer Skips Morning Show Appearance

Last night, CNBC’s Jim Cramer had a brutal face-off with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. “I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but it’s not a f*cking game,” Stewart told Cramer. Cramer also agreed to do one show with more serious, level-headed commentary.

There has been almost universal acknowledgment that Stewart humiliated Cramer. Jim Fallows called it a “slaughter,” and the Huffington Post has a gigantic headline reading, “Jon Stewart eviscerates Jim Cramer and CNBC.” Even Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy said that Stewart “rightfully” attacked Cramer: “Jim Cramer, on his show, has made many — has said ‘buy this stock because it’s going to go up,’ and then it tanks. He told people to buy Bear Stearns and hold it, just before it completely went to zero.”

As Michael Calderone notes, yesterday on Twitter, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough wrote that he would have the “exclusive Jim Cramer interview tomorrow morning to discuss tonight’s war with Jon Stewart.” But after the rough night, Scarborough wrote this morning that Cramer was a no-show:

No Cramer. Perhaps another example of oversleeping. Guess he had a late night. That is too bad. Producers told he was only talking to us.

Cramer did get one defender this morning: CNN anchor Rob Marciano. Marciano — who is also a weather anchor — said that he sympathized with Cramer: “Anytime you’ve got a guy forecasting the future, and you do it on tv — kind of like a weather forecaster — I mean, you’re going to get into trouble sometimes.” His co-anchor then quipped, “But you’re not rooting for one hurricane over another, are you?” He ended the segment by saying, “Hey, we’re all adults, and you listen to who you want to listen to, and then you make your own decisions.” Watch it:


Jason Linkins notes that the Morning Joe folks were silent on Cramer’s absence this morning.

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