Note To Scarborough: Cheney’s Alter Ego Went To Jail At The End Of ‘A Few Good Men’

Joe Scarborough’s defense of torture and its apologists has grown so desperate that he’s now resorting to quotes from fictional characters in Hollywood movies to support his position.

Indeed, this morning he said on MSNBC that in his view, the juxtaposition of President Obama’s speech on national security with former Vice President Cheney’s speech defending his torture program reminded him of the 1992 film A Few Good Men, in which a Marine is killed by two of his colleagues as they attempt to run him out of the service. (At the end of the movie, an unrepentant senior officer admits that he ordered the assault.):

SCARBOROUGH: This scene yesterday…I’m serious here, this comes straight out of “A Few Good Men.” The reason why the closing scene with Jack Nicholson on the stand worked so well, is, of course, we were all rooting for the young attractive Tom Cruise, just like more Americans are probably rooting for President Obama. But at the same time, what was said on that stand by Nicholson…I was struck by that contrast.

Scarborough insisted that he wasn’t comparing Obama to the character played by Tom Cruise or Cheney to the character played by Jack Nicholson, but it’s clear that Scarborough was doing exactly that. Watch it:

In the movie, Cruise’s character gets commander Col. Jessup, played by Nicholson, to admit that he ordered two young Marines to assault and kill their colleague. The Cheney-esque Jessup defends his decision by saying, “[his] death, while tragic, probably saved lives” and “[y]ou have no idea how to defend a nation. All you did was weaken a country today.” So in that sense, yes — Cheney’s speech yesterday was “straight out of ‘A Few Good Men.'”

But to refresh Scarborough’s memory, at the end of the movie, Jessup ends up going to prison for his actions. “[Y]ou’re under arrest, you son of a bitch,” Cruise tells Nicholson’s Cheney-esque character in a dramatic scene at the end of the movie.

So to keep playing out Scarborough’s fantasy world — Will real-life end the same way “A Few Good Men”did? Based on his continued insistence that torture works(!), we’ll put Scarborough down as hoping “no.”