News That’s Fit to Print, Plus This

More tales of the MSM as a New York Times article discusses Republican messaging on Gitmo at great length while doing basically nothing to assess the merits of the underlying claims.

Outside a tiny circle of people who work in politics or political messaging full-time, the ins-and-outs of GOP messaging tactics has no impact whatsoever on the American people. By contrast, people would be really interested to know if it’s actually true that the President of the United States is proposing to create a dangerous situation in which terrorists are likely to escape from prison and murder people. I think people would also be really genuinely interested in whether or not their elected representatives in the US House and Senate are lying to them. Yet the Times article gives us no real insight into those issues. Instead, it treats the debate like it’s maybe a hockey game.

Not unusual, of course, but I think it’s always worth pointing out.