Fox News Analyst Says ‘No One’ Is Saying Obama Wants ‘To Kill Old People’ After Saying It Himself

On Fox & Friends this morning Fox News analyst Peter Johnson Jr told the hosts that “no one is saying” that the health care legislation before Congress will kill old people:

JOHNSON: The President’s reform plan is a redistribution of health care. And what he’s saying is, I want to reduce hospital costs by $220 billion from Medicare. I want to cut out Medicare Advantage that affects ten million people. I want to reduce imaging studies. I want to reduce electric wheelchairs. I want to reduce advanced nursing care in facilities. So no one is saying that the President wants to kill old people.

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The problem with Johnson’s statement is that he himself has said that health care reform could kill elderly people, as he did on the very same show two weeks ago:

JOHNSON: Some people are saying, well, this is a health care reform, other people say — maybe me — that this is a subtle form of euthanasia. And when you start looking at the proposals, you say, God, what’s happening? One of the proposals, Section 1233, talks about advanced care planning consultations. And that’s a fancy term where a doctor goes to you every five years once you’re 65, or more if you’re chronically ill, and explains to you the benefits of so-called palliative care, of not giving active treatment

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Johnson has repeatedly made the accusation that the government is going to put people to death under health care legislation, including telling Fox viewers that reform is going to have us living in “kind of [a] 2009 Brave New World, Soylent Green, 1984, Aldous Huxley kind of world” where doctors will suggest that you end your life instead of being cared for.