Why Does The Washington Post Publish Terrible Op-Eds

Steven Pearlstein has a great piece in today’s Washington Post slamming Michael Steele’s moronic op-ed from earlier this week.

Still, it seems to me that from an institutional perspective when you publish a nonsense Michael Steele op-ed and then publish a strong rebuttal to the op-ed you are, on net, detracting from the American people’s understanding of the issues. It’s the same as when you let George Will mislead people about climate science and then publish various rebuttals. In general, a serious publication doesn’t host “debates” about totally worthless ideas. The fact of the debate is meant to suggest the existence of some debatable issue. The back-and-forth between Steele and Pearlstein indicates that there’s a debate about Steele’s ideas. That’s a win for Steele—the guy who’s basically making up BS. Which means that the Post is contributing to the creation of an ever-more-BS-full debate in years to come.