While Still Whining About Obama Snub, Chris Wallace Calls White House ‘Thin-Skinned’

President Obama is appearing on five Sunday talk shows today, including the Spanish-language Al Punto on Univision. However, Obama’s media blitz doesn’t include Fox News. Since the news broke, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace has been whining about the snub, calling the White House the “biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with” and saying that Obama is petty and childish.

Wallace continued his whining this morning on Fox News Sunday. In a teaser to a discussion of the snub, Wallace asks, “What ever happened to reaching out to all Americans?”

But ironically, later during the panel discussion, Wallace cited a recent report showing that Obama has done more one-on-one interviews than both Presidents Clinton and Bush up this point and wondered if Obama is “overexposed” (despite wanting to interview him on his show). In another bit of irony, Wallace, who has been complaining for the past few days about the snub, accused the White House of being thin-skinned:

WALLACE: Every president is thin-skinned but I wonder whether this administration, this White House has a particular problem with criticism. … Not talking about just us but just the attitude of this White House. Whatever happened to reaching out to all Americans?

Watch it:

It seems odd that Wallace would complain about not reaching out to all Americans when his own network decided not to broadcast Obama’s speech to Congress on health care last week (the cable network, not the broadcasting company, aired the speech).

During one of Wallace’s whining sessions this week, another Fox host complained that Obama is skipping out on “the highly rated Fox News Sunday.” But as Media Matters points out, Fox News Sunday is “in dead last, where it has remained pretty much since its inception.”