Fred Hiatt Wants The Washington Post to Go Out of Business

(cc photo by krossbow)

(cc photo by krossbow)

What other explanation could there be for deciding that he wants to run an op-ed by Sarah Palin about how Obama should “boycott” the Copenhagen conference?

And, no, that’s not a link to the op-ed. That’s a link to a post at The Awl excerpting an email about the op-ed that the Post’s PR team sent out. Strangely it doesn’t read “we don’t consider ourselves to be in the business of providing reliable information to our readers.”

By contrast, the Financial Times, has an interesting op-ed about what Copenhagen negotiators could learn from the Montreal Protocol that reduced use of CFCs to prevent the opening of a dangerous hole in the ozone layer. Gray, one notes, is an honest-to-God Republican—White House counsel in George HW Bush’s administration, Ambassador to the European Union under George W Bush. But he’s a well-informed person with a background in relevant issues and a desire to present good-faith arguments to the public.