Hate Radio Host Neal Boortz Challenges Keith Olbermann To A Health Care Debate

Yesterday, Think Progress reported that hate radio host Neal Boortz used his Twitter account to ridiculously claim that Congress’s health care legislation will end up killing more people than a terrorist attack.

Last night, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann responded to Boortz, referring to him as part of the “lunatic fringe” that is intent on portraying health care reform as lethal, despite the fact that it’s a lack of proper health care coverage that kills 45,000 Americans every year:

OLBERMANN: Each day it seems the lunatic fringe finds a new way to permit its adherents to view the rest of us as a little less than human – we don’t count as much as they do, ordinary Americans don’t matter. Newest example, hate-radio-host Neal Boortz yesterday: ‘Obamacare will do more damage’ he said, ‘ than a successful terrorist bombing of an airliner and kill more people as well.’ So, rather than count how many things are wrong with that statement, or how many times Neal Boortz must have been abused for him to wind up so dehumanized for him to say such a thing, let us answer it on his terms. What would you do, sir, if terrorists were killing 45,000 people each year in this country?

Watch it:

Today, Boortz responded to Olbermann by vulgarly calling the MSNBC host a “prepuce” and then challenging him to a direct debate on whether Congress’s health care legislation will kill more people than a terrorist attack:


Boortz is presumably anxious to have a larger forum to disseminate his hateful rants. He has previously referred to New Orleans residents as “parasites,” has labeled welfare recipients as “human parasitic garbage,” and has suggested that lower-income Americans shouldn’t be allowed to vote.