O’Reilly: There’s ‘No Evidence’ Obama Is A Socialist But He Does Believe In ‘Tyranny And Socialism’

Last night on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly was incensed about a recent Gallup poll finding that 36 percent of Americans have a positive image of “socialism.” The poll result is “simply incredible,” O’Reilly declared, adding, “Can you say ‘Fidel Castro’? … It’s hard to believe.”

O’Reilly then said that he has seen “no evidence” that President Obama is a socialist, but that his viewers should be afraid of some Democrats in Congress who want to “impose social justice on the nation” and “seize” your house:

O’REILLY: Some Obama critics contend that he himself is a socialist, but we can find no evidence of that. Mr. Obama likes his property, and I don’t believe he wants to seize my house.

However, there are people like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont who do. And those people are stalwarts inside the Democratic Party. It is long past time for Americans to wake up. The far left in this country wants to diminish personal power and impose social justice on the nation. They want to erode our personal freedoms in order to right what they consider wrongs brought about by capitalism.

Watch it:

But just last week, in a portion of his interview with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart that was cut from his broadcast, O’Reilly was himself one of the “Obama critics” contending the President is a socialist. He said Obama “believes” in “tyranny and socialism“:

STEWART: All I hear on this network is “tryanny and socialism.”

O’REILLY: That’s that [Obama] believes! … I don’t think he’s a socialist, but he does believe in a redistribution of income, Barack Obama, and that is a socialist tenant.

Moreover, O’Reilly once claimed that discussions of public option as part of health care reform — which President Obama supports — is “really about socialism.” And earlier this month, O’Reilly peddled the notion that “there are a lot of people” who believe that Obama “is a socialist who wants to impose a different system on the United States of America.” “Shouldn’t they have a voice?” he asked.