As Polls Show Increasing Support For Health Care Reform, Cavuto Claims ‘Polls Are Increasingly Looking Worse’

On Fox News yesterday, Neil Cavuto argued that Democrats want to get health care reform done before the Easter break because “they sure as heck don’t want to see those town hallers.” Cavuto, who was interviewing Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), then claimed that Democrats “agree the polls are increasingly looking worse for health care support.” Watch it:

In fact, Democrats — and the polls — don’t agree. Joel Benenson, the White House’s pollster of choice, argues in a new polling memo that “support for President Barack Obama’s health care plan has been building in the wake of his State of the Union speech in late January.” According to Benenson, since February 1, “44 percent of those tested in national surveys support the bill while 45 percent oppose it — a sea change from the 38 percent favor/52 percent oppose average of polls conducted in the three months prior.”

It isn’t just Obama’s pollster who has identified this shift. As Matt Yglesias pointed out yesterday,’s average of polls shows public opinion trending more favorably towards passing health care reform.

After examining the data, polling expert Mark Blumenthal concluded that “any way you slice it, there does appear to be a real tightening of opinion on health reform although as always, these results are snapshots and subject to change.”