Nothing Succeeds Like Success


Me, on February 22:

Meanwhile, if reform does pass how long will it take for us to see an article claiming it as vindication of Rahm Emanuel’s desire to “throw long and deep” and not shy away from major challenges?

Ben Smith, today:

At the moment, however, it’s unclear if a single member of Congress will oppose the legislation from the left. The base has fallen into line. And if Rahm was right all along that progressives, essentially, could be taken for granted, he’s about to go from punching bag to hero in the eyes of many Democrats.

Of course back when the media consensus was that health care was likely to fail, all these articles were saying that Obama should have listened to Rahm and not pursued comprehensive health reform at all. But as I predicted, if it passes it will “prove” that Emannuel was a tactical mastermind.