I Would Call Peggy Noonan a Hyena-esque Rage Monkey But My Adult Supervisors Told Me That Would Be Too Mean


Peggy Noonan says American politics needs adult supervision:

On the Internet, you read the fierce posts of political and ideological writers and wonder, Why do so many young bloggers sound like hyenas laughing in the dark? Maybe it’s because there’s no old hand at the next desk to turn and say, “Son, being an enraged, profane, unmoderated, unmediated, hit-loving, trash-talking rage monkey is no way to go through life.”

At the Atlantic we actually had a meeting between myself, Ross Douthat, Andrew Sullivan, and James Bennett on the subject of when it was and wasn’t appropriate to use profanity in a blogging context. Here enjoying the think tank lifestyle, I just wonder wtf is up with all these name-calling newspaper columnists?