Fox News Ignores Laura Schlessinger’s Racist ‘N-Word’ Tirade

Yesterday, Media Matters posted audio and transcript of Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s racially-charged rant in which she, in her own words, “articulated the ‘n’ word all the way out — more than one time.” (11 times in five minutes, according to the Huffington Post.) Schlessinger’s tirade occurred earlier this week during a segment with an African-American caller, whom she said “had a chip on [her] shoulder.” She has since apologized for her remarks.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez was the first cable news host to pick up on the story, and the network has run four segments on it since. MSNBC reported on Schlessinger’s remarks twice already today. But how many segments has Fox News run? According to a ThinkProgress review of the network’s coverage, zero.


Why has Fox News ignored the story? Perhaps because Schlessinger is a regular guest on the network. Just last year, Sean Hannity hosted the right wing radio host to promote her new book.


The American Prospect’s Jamelle Bouie comments that Schlessinger’s use of the “n-word” was “the least racist thing” about her rant:

The caller — a black woman — is in an interracial marriage with a white man, and is increasingly frustrated with the racist jokes and comments made by her husband’s friends and family. […]

To recap: Dr. Laura immediately dismisses her caller’s problems, uses a racist joke to prove her non-racism, insists that black people voted for Obama over nothing but racial solidarity (as if pre-Obama, African Americans never voted for Democrats), strongly resents the fact that “black guys” can use the N-word but she can’t, and declares that “if you’re that hypersensitive about color and don’t have a sense of humor, don’t marry outside of your race.” Dr. Laura isn’t known for her sensitivity, but this is an impressive display of raw racial resentment.

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