Pot, Meet Kettle: Glenn Beck Calls Rick Sanchez The ‘Dumbest Man Ever On Television’

On his radio show yesterday, Glenn Beck launched a lengthy diatribe against CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, calling him “the dumbest man ever on television.” Beck played a clip of Sanchez’s infamous volcano flub, where the CNN anchor joked that he didn’t understand how volcanoes could erupt in cold places like Iceland. Beck played a few other on-air errors from Sanchez over the years, and said, “I honestly don’t know how the man ties his own shoes.”

Watch it:

While Sanchez may be rusty when it comes to geology, Beck is hardly one to criticize the intelligence of fellow television personalities. Here are a few of Beck’s more intellectually challenged moments:

— Beck reveals that President Obama is an “oligarh.”

— Beck also misspells “heroes” and “villains” live on-air.

— Beck plays Connect Four against himself, and cheats.

— Beck displayed a graphic demonstrating that Silas from “The Da Vinci Code” is a member of ACORN.

Any discussion of “the dumbest man on television” should include “rodeo clowns” with a TV show.