Orszag and the NYT


Interesting news:

Peter Orszag, economist and former director of the Office of Management and Budget, will become a contributing columnist for The New York Times Op-Ed page. Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 7, his columns will appear one to two times a month in The Times and online at NYTimes.com/opinion and will cover a broad range of economic and domestic issues, including national fiscal policy, education and health care. In addition to his columns, he will examine these and other relevant issues on The Times’s Opinionator blog.

Orszag has been in jobs where one can’t fully speak one’s mind for several years now and has managed to make a remarkable quantity of thought-provoking on-the-record statements given those constraints so I’m looking forward to this. In a dream scenario, I’d love to see some back and forth and engagement between him and Paul Krugman about some of Krugman’s critiques of the Obama administration but for whatever reason newspapers seem to discourage their writers from actually engaging with one another’s arguments.