PBS Shrugs at Koch/Nova Greenwashing

8. Charles and David Koch 1

As best I can tell David H. Koch is genuinely interested in the subject of human evolution, and it’s very difficult to understand his patronage of things like Nova’s “Becoming Human” series or the Smithsonian Institution’s Koch Hall of Human Origins as merely an effort to block comprehensive climate change legislation. Nevertheless, it’s indisputably true that both the Hall of Human Origins and the Nova series spend time dealing with climate change issues and both the museum and the show clearly go to great pains to paint catastrophic climate change in a positive light.

Tragically, the scientists involved seem to have crawled into a cave of denial and persuaded themselves that this stuff is all kosher. Meanwhile, as Joe Romm points out today PBS’ ombudsman is reading from the same script arguing that “As a viewer of what strikes me and a lot of others as a consistently first-rate program, I trust NOVA.”

NOVA is a first-rate program and I enjoyed the “Becoming Human” series. Still, it handles the climate change issue in an inept way that’s favorable to the financial interests and political predilections of one of its major funders. Simply saying “trust us” doesn’t cut it here.