Another GOP House Candidate Signs On To Fox Biz’s ‘Scoreboard Pledge’ Policy Agenda

Last month, Fox Business host David Asman asked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) — one of the GOP’s “Young Guns” — to sign on to his network’s policy agenda. “[We have] our own contract if you will,” Asman said, referring to the GOP’s 1994 “Contract with America.” It’s “No New Taxes, No New Bureaucrats, Cut Spending, Repeal Obamacare,” Asman noted, asking Ryan, “Would you be in favor of those?” “Absolutely,” Ryan said.

Republican House candidates Ben Quayle and Jon Runyun have also taken the so-called “Scoreboard Pledge.” Last night on Fox Business, Asman added another “pledge” to the list, “No New Regulations,” and got another GOP House candidate to sign on: Bobby Shilling from Illinois:

ASMAN: Once politicians get inside the beltway, they turn around and that’s why people are asking folks to sign pledges. We got our own series of pledges. … The Scoreboard Pledge includes No New Taxes, No New Regulations, No New Bureaucrats, Cut Spending, and Repeal ObamaCare. Are you good on all those points?

SHILLING: Yeah I’m good on all those points.

After Shilling went through a laundry list of other pledges he is personally making, Asman said, “It sounds like a revolution.” “Yeah, I think we do have a revolution going on here,” Shilling replied. Watch it:

“Asman’s on-air activism sounds similar to the pledges political organizations like Americans for Tax Reform ask politicians to sign-on to,” Media Matters’ Eric Hananoki has noted. “The good news is the Republicans actually have plans for the economy. The bad news is they copied them down as they were dictated by a guy on Fox,” MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said remarking on Ryan’s pledge to Asman.