On Juan Williams

Since my ThinkProgress colleagues are sort of “part of the story” in terms of Juan Williams getting sacked from NPR I’m a bit hesitant to comment on it. But as in the case of Rick Sanchez it seems to me that if you assume Williams has been doing valuable work all these years, firing him over this single incident is excessive. But as an NPR listener, I’m a good deal more familiar with Williams’ work than I am with Sanchez’s and it seems clear to me that Williams has not, in fact, been doing valuable work all these years. If Williams had never made these remarks about Muslims and NPR announced his firing this morning on the grounds of general lameness and lack of valuable contribution to their programming, I would have applauded the move so I’m hardly going to deplore what actually happened.

At any rate, my local NPR affiliate WAMU is one of the charitable organizations I normally donate to and their currently in the middle of a pledge drive. All things considered a Williams-less NPR is one I’m more inclined to support than a Williams-full one so I just re-upped my membership.