Washington Post Blogger Sekulow Continues Dishonest Attacks On Moderate Muslim Leaders

Continuing his smears against moderate American Muslims leaders, Washington Post religion blogger Jordan Sekulow writes that, among the various offenses committed this year, “We also saw Muslims like [Imam Feisal Abdul] Rauf… refuse to call Hamas a terrorist organization.”

Here’s Rauf in a December 23 interview with TIME Magazine:

Q: Is Hamas a terrorist organization?

RAUF: Yes, they are.

That seems pretty straightforward.

In my own On Faith post responding to the Sekulow hire, I expressed concern that Sekulow has “been neither respectful nor careful in his posts, particularly those posts concerning the Islamic faith.” That has obviously not changed. How long will the Post continue to allow Sekulow to peddle his dishonesty under their banner?


As of Tuesday morning, the Post still has not corrected Sekulow’s erroneous claim, but Sekulow himself responded in comments in typically classy fashion:

after a year of refusing to answer the Hamas question on television and numerous interviews while he had the biggest spotlight, Imam Rauf … also a slumlord … calls Hamas a terrorist org in one interview when the attention is gone

sorry, not a major breakthrough

No, the major breakthrough would be for Sekulow to acknowledge his mistake and update his post with a correction. And we’re unsure what Rauf’s being a “slumlord,” even if true, has to do with a debate about religious faith, unless of course Sekulow’s real goal is to smear moderate Muslims by any means necessary.

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