State Dept. Anti-Semitism Envoy Misrepresented By Washington Post Blogger

In a recent interview with Hannah Rosenthal, the State Department’s special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism, here’s how Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin relayed Rosenthal’s comments about two recent Time magazine stories:

Is a Time magazine cover story that asserts Jews in Israel only care about money or another article that analogizes the current climate in Israel to fascism in the 1930’s over the line? [Rosenthal] said without hesitation, “That is absolutely over the line.” Those types of assertions, she said, “are made by people who do not know history or misread history.

ThinkProgress contacted Rosenthal to see if Rubin had accurately reported her criticism of the articles in question. According to Rosenthal, she did not. “We did not discuss the substance of the articles and I clearly told her that I didn’t read Time,” Rosenthal said via email. “I reacted to the headlines only that depict stereotypes of anti-Semitism and that seek to compare policies to the Holocaust.”

According to Rosenthal, Rubin blatantly misrepresented Rosenthal’s comments as a condemnation of specific articles Rosenthal made clear she hadn’t read. This should raise serious questions about the veracity of the rest of the interview. At the very least, the Post owes a correction to its readers, and an apology to Rosenthal.

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