Washington Post ‘Conservative’ Blogger Aligned With the Pro-Israel Far Right

Our guest blogger is Eli Clifton, a New York-based journalist who blogs daily on U.S.-Iran relations at

Jennifer Rubin, who authors The Washington Post’s “Right Turn” blog, claims that her blog offers coverage of “politics and policy” for “conservative readers.” But you’d be excused for thinking that her foremost interest is Israel’s conservative politics and policy.

Rubin, a prolific blogger, has published 415 posts since she started at The Washington Post at the end of November. Her blog categorizes her posts by topic and shows that: 29 were about “Israel;” 11 were about “American Jews,” and 16 were about “Iran.” In just the past few weeks, she attacked the signatories of a letter calling for the Obama administration to support a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in the Occupied Territory. Rubin also attacked HSBC for an advertisement which the bank was running to call attention to the high number of female filmmakers in Iran.

Now, her hard work on behalf of the Israel right has earned her a free trip. “In the interest of full disclosure,” she revealed yesterday, her trip to Israel’s Herzliya Conference, an Israeli strategic confab, will be paid for by the Bill Kristol front group, The Emergency Committee For Israel (ECI).

The ECI first came to attention in July 2010 when it began running attack ads against politicians who it deemed insufficiently tough on terrorism or who had dared to criticize Israel. The group is directed by neoconservative upstart Noah Pollak and board members include: Kristol, Rachel Abrams, and Gary Bauer. Former Bush White House official Margaret Hoover has registered the ECI’s domain name. ECI was briefly housed at Orion Strategies, a consultancy which has advised Sarah Palin and served as the home of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a group which played a key role in pushing for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and promoting Ahmed Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress.

The Washington Post’s claim that she is representative of the conservative movement is deeply misleading. Her close relationship with ECI, her gleeful promotion of the “military option” against Iran’s nuclear facilities, and her proclivity towards smearing her opponents as “Israel-bashing” show that Rubin represents the interests and ideology of the hawkish, pro-Israel right-wing. While the Post claims that her blog is representative of conservative politics and policy, her posts have shown a very different focus.