The Value of Feistiness

More mail:

What’s your take on how people nominally to the left of you (firedoglake, digby, etc.) are responding to this whole deficit movement. Digby’s pretty apocalyptic about the whole thing. If you could at some point get into this I think it’d help out people like me (21 y/o) who form their opinions on macroeconomics basically by combing through trusted sources.

After I was invited to the White House to talk to David Axelrod, I did a grumpy post just summing up the fact that progressives generally think the strategy of unctuousness reasonableness isn’t as good an idea as Team Obama thinks it is. And I think that’s what a lot of Obama-bashing blogging amounts to. But over the years I’ve come to think that too high a proportion of political commentary is devoted to second-guessing the tactical political judgment of the professionals, and/or to criticize other people’s second-guessing of the tactical political judgment of the professionals. I don’t really think I add much value through those kind of activities and prefer to try to focus on calmly and clearly explaining the policy options and ethical choices confronting us. But I think it’s a good thing that we have a large and feisty left-wing community online and I hope it gets bigger and has more success in penetrating the media. A demobilized and perennially calm left wouldn’t help the country.