While Trying To Disprove Fox News’ Bias, Chris Wallace Invokes ‘Obamacare’ And Doubts Climate Science

Fox News has been under increasing scrutiny this week after Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday last weekend where he came prepared with research to tear into the network as an “ideological organization” that “gets marching orders” to promote conservative ideology.

Today, Wallace devoted the end of his show to wagging his finger back at Stewart, laying out a lengthy defense of his employer. But within moments, Wallace demonstrated the very bias he was trying to disprove when he used the term “Obamacare” — a derisive term for the Affordable Care Act used reliably by conservative media, politicians, and activists. The rest of his argument was not much better. Wallace took particular issue with a poll Stewart cited that found that Fox has the most misinformed viewers. Wallace said the poll was junk because it labeled respondents as “misinformed” if they didn’t believe scientists and acknowledge that climate change is real, or didn’t trust the Congressional Budget Office that the Affordable Care Act lowers the deficit.

In other words, Wallace thinks someone who doesn’t believe facts shouldn’t be considered “misinformed”:

The fact checking website PolitiFact called into question some of Stewart’s statements, but as ThinkProgress and others have pointed out, their conclusions are wrong. Every poll that has tested factual knowledge on politically controversial issues has found Fox News viewers to be the most misinformed.