Fox’s Bolling: ‘We’re Keeping An Eye On’ Chris Christie’s Muslim Judge Appointee

Fox Business Host Eric Bolling

Yesterday on Fox Business, host Eric Bolling ran an entire 7-minute Islamophobic, fearmongering segment hyping the myth that Sharia law is creeping its way into the United States. As evidence, Bolling cited a Muslim American who in 2009 “ran over the daughter because of her unwillingness to partake in an arranged marriage.” Bolling also referenced New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) decision to appoint a Muslim judge to the state’s bench:

BOLLING: We have a judge right across the river, Chris Christie is appointing a Muslim judge, and this may or may not happen, he may have a completely objective view on American case law. It remains to be seen. We’ll keep our eye on it.

Bolling’s fear-mongering panel featured Fox’s go-to Muslim basher Bo Dietl, whose contribution to the segment included expressing his concern that “judges who are from the Islam can become judges in America.” Media Matters has the video:

Bolling doesn’t seem to be phased by the fact that the “creeping Sharia” canard has absolutely no basis in reality. But beyond that, he should also check the facts in his evidence. Here’s what actually happened with the father who killed his daughter for refusing an arranged marriage:

On Feb. 22, Faleh al-Maleki was convicted of killing his daughter. … Prosecutors had pressed a first-degree murder charge. They characterized his actions as an “honor killing,” a controversial term that refers to a family member or members killing a relative, usually a girl or young woman, whose behavior is judged to have tarnished the family honor. … The jury found Faleh guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder, finding that he didn’t plan the act in advance.

As for Christie, he said recently that he’s “disgusted” by the “ignorance” of the right-wing attacks on him for appointing a Muslim judge. “This Sharia Law business is crap,” he said, “I’m tired of dealing with crazies.”