Breitbart Site Up In Arms Over Tea Party Joke On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Ever since ABC’s Dancing with the Stars invited transgender rights advocate Chaz Bono to compete, the show has become a priority target in the right-wing’s culture war. Now hyper-sensitive to the show’s attack on right-wing “values,” conservative sensationalist Andrew Breitbart’s site Big Hollywood is up in arms over another non-controversy. In a behind-the-scenes segment this week, contestant Carson Kressley gave a tour through the costume warehouse. Trying on former contestant Bristol Palin’s infamous gorilla mask, he quips, “Still smells like a Tea Party.” Watch it:

This joke was enough to send Breitbart’s blogger Warner Todd Huston into a bizarre rant about the show’s “left-wing attacks” on “over half the voters in America.” To Huston, Kressley is insisting that all “Tea Party activists smell like gorillas.” “Are we supposed to be laughing at that, now?” he asks, adding “So, what do Democrats smell like? Maybe Europeans? How about reds?” Wondering “how ABC will take attacking so much of its audience,” he urges readers to contact the network about the joke.