GOP Sen. Inhofe Calls Out Limbaugh On Senate Floor For Backing Brutal African Guerrilla Group

In the wake of President Obama’s decision to send a small contingent of troops to help Uganda fight the marauding Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) guerrillas, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh embraced the brutal group as valiant Christian warriors “fighting the Muslims in Sudan.”

In reality, as human rights groups have long documented, the LRA is a murderous “death cult,” best known for descending on villages, “capturing, killing, and abducting hundreds of civilians,” and forcing boys to become child soldiers and girls to become “bush wives.”

Many journalists and human rights advocates — along with an LRA survivorhave responded to Limbaugh, but yesterday he received a rebuke from the Senate floor from someone who called the controversial radio host “my good friend Rush Limbaugh.”

Using Limbaugh’s and his cohorts name, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), said, “some people have mistakenly said that [the LRA’s leader] is a Christian, and I want to make sure everyone knows that he was officially disavowed by the Catholic Church in Uganda.” He went on to detail their group’s atrocities.

It’s unusual for any senator to call out an ideological ally by name from the Senate floor, but even more so considering that Inhofe has in the past looked past egregious human rights violations to lend support for Christian leaders. In April, Inhofe defended former Ivory Coast dictator Laurent Gbagbo after other African and international leaders condemned him for taking up arms to retain power after losing the election to a Muslim rival. But the LRA is terrible enough for even Inhofe to reject.

Today, Limabugh responded to Inhofe on his radio show, admitting he was “misinformed” about the LRA. But Limbaugh seemed more bemused about having his name “entered into the Congressional record” than apologetic, giving a hearty laugh about it before quickly moving on to another topic.