Six More Advertisers Ditch Rush

The number of advertisers fleeing Rush Limbaugh continues to climb.

In an email release today, GEICO said, “In 2004 when Rush Limbaugh’s program also carried remarks that were inappropriate, we ceased all advertising on his show. We don’t advertise there to this day. On occasion, a local station may mistakenly run a GEICO ad in the wrong time slot. We are directing our ad buyers to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

On Facebook, the St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Connecticut said it “has directed WABC to withdraw our advertisements from the Rush Limbaugh show,” adding “We agree that Mr. Limbaugh’s recent derogatory comments regarding an individual testifying before Congress are not acceptable.”

According to Bloomberg, has also suspended advertising and tractor maker Deere & Co. will take steps to make sure it doesn’t advertise on the program.

Additionally, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry and Cascades Dental announced today they will cease advertising.

In total, this makes 26 advertisers who have taken steps to end ads on Limbaugh’s show since last week. See our updated count HERE.