Fox News Contributor Mocks Sandra Fluke By Questioning Her Sexual Orientation

Fox News Contributor Monica Crowley

Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who was dragged into the national spotlight after Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a slut, announced this week that she is engaged to boyfriend Adam Mutterperl. However, the happy news was quickly marred by Fox News contributor Monica Crowley when she sent out this tweet earlier this afternoon:

Crowley’s fake surprise that Fluke is not, in fact, a lesbian is especially ironic given the attacks that her network leveled against Fluke in February. For weeks, Fluke was criticized ceaselessly by the conservative media for demanding that health insurance providers cover contraception, ridiculed by Fox News hosts like Bill O’Reilly for not simply buying her birth control at Target for $9, and mocked endlessly by Limbaugh for having too much sex.

The vitriol that accompanied Fluke for weeks even rubbed off onto her new fiancé. Adam Mutterperl, a comedy writer and producer, was criticized by conservative websites like the Daily Caller for his family’s ties to Democratic politics. Today’s comments are just the latest controversy the Fox News host has found herself in. Back in 2008, Crowley was caught plagiarizing (again) someone else’s parody of progressive advocacy group MoveOn, and last year she called DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “she of the angry perm.”