Joe Scarborough On The Entire Muslim World: ‘They Hate Us Because Of Their Religion’

This morning on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough accused every single person in Muslim and Arab world of hating the United States. According to Scarborough, “if you scratch the surface, and if you gave every street vendor to prime minister in that region a chance to throw a rock at the U.S. embassy, they would.”

Scarborough added: “You know why they hate us? They hate us because of their religion, they hate us because of their culture, and they hate us because of peer pressure.” He said that anyone who believes “we’re going to go over there and change them” is “naive.”

Watch it:

Scarborugh’s Islamophobic diatribe encountered little resistance on the set of Morning Joe. His co-host Mika Brzezinski responded in apparent agreement, “look what is happening in Afghanistan 11 years later.”

Following the murder of four Americans in Libya, the people of Benghazi held a demonstration against terrorism and in support of the United States. According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, many Libyans helped defend the embassy during the attack and “helped rescue and lead other Americans to safety.” The Atlantic noted, “Just like not all Americans are like the people who made the weird anti-Islam movie that is sparking protests in Muslim nations, not all people in Libya are like the ones who killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens.”