Mike Huckabee Releases Islamophobic Theme Song: Middle East ‘Not Fit For Man Or Beast’

“Nutjobs stuck in the thirteenth century” is just one insult used in the parody song showcased by former Arkansas governor turned talk show host Mike Huckabee on his website Monday. Huckabee, an outspoken Islamophobe, is the latest media figure today to embrace anti-Islam rhetoric to explain the violent anti-American protests in the Middle East. The song, a parody to the tune of “We Didn’t Start The Fire” by an unknown group, mocks President Obama, the Arab spring, and employs many racist stereotypes. Here’s a sample verse:

Hot bed Middle East
Not fit for man or beast
Sand dunes, camels
Virgins when you die
Democracy, Arab spring
That doesn’t mean a thing
Culture, freedom, pyramids goodbye


Earlier on Monday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claimed that Muslims “hate us because of their religion,” while Newsweek’s cover blares “MUSLIM RAGE.” Huckabee has never hidden his Islamophobia, calling the religion “the antithesis of the gospel of Christ” and has warned against sharia law taking over America. He has previously accused Obama of giving special treatment to Muslims and lying about his religion.