CNBC Host Loses It: Climate Science Is A ‘Bona Fide Cult’

On Friday, CNBC anchor Joe Kernen described climate science as a “bona fide cult” of “enviro socialists” in an interview with the former CEO of Shell Oil.

Kernen and his guest John Hofmeister laughed off the consequences of climate change and casually dismissed President Obama’s call for action:

KERNEN: John, you know, better just set your alarm clock for three years from now. You’re not going to get a speech about natural gas and energy independence. You got a climate change speech. That’s what you got and a big one.

HOFMEISTER: That’s what I call foolishness. We’re not dealing with the real problems. Let’s face climate change over time.

KERNEN: That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have a house on the coast that will get swept in to — New York is going to be under 32 feet of water, Hofmeister, you better get with the program. [laughter]

Kernen groups the vast number of climate scientists into this so-called “cult,” because 97 percent are in agreement on climate change.

His on-air comments were an extended version of his recent Twitter feed, where Kernen described climate change as “high school science” and personally insulted several scientists. In one exchange, he challenged a person who claimed to hold a Ph.D in Physics with his college-level course.

CNBC has long-misrepresented climate change to its viewers, including Larry Kudlow and Rick Santelli. In fact, a study from Media Matters found that over half of CNBC’s climate coverage miscasts the science:

In response, Forecast the Facts and Environmental Action have launched a campaign calling on CNBC to drop its climate denier talking points. Their online petition has been signed by more than 25,000 people, but CNBC has not yet commented.