Fox News Says Three Teens Committed Murder Because There Is Too Much Facebook And Abortion


fox_news_tpftdOn Tuesday, prosecutors charged two teenagers who allegedly shot and killed 22-year-old Christopher Lane — an Australian student in Oklahoma — for the “fun of it” with first-degree murder and a third with acting as an accessory. Conservative media has seized on the case to pressure President Obama and civil rights leaders who spoke out against the murder of Trayvon Martin to similarly address the death of Lane, implying that they are less interested in Lane’s murder because he was white, while his attackers are black.

But Fox News contributor Keith Ablow took the narrative even further toward the absurd, during an appearance on the network, suggesting that America’s disrespect for life, third-term abortions, and Facebook pushed the three teens to allegedly kill Lane.

“We do have an epidemic of disconnectedness,” Ablow said, responding to a leading question from anchor Shannon Bream. “We have people saying they have hundreds of friends on Facebook, when those aren’t friends and we have people text messaging when in fact they are not reaching out to anybody, because they are sending their thoughts and feelings in the air, if you will”:

We have people on simply adopting new identities and so we have a culture that is cheapening life, real life. And if in general, if you can’t outlaw third trimester abortions in every state, then you have part of the answer to why people don’t take life that seriously […] Facebook is the final common pathway for those people who are acting out in life and some of the people who are there are acting out their sexuality, other people are acting out how happy they are by posting all of these ridiculous pictures, where one is competing against the other to seem more content. But Facebook has become ground zero in the battle to either maintain our identities or to let them go into the web and these three became non people with no feelings for others and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were big users of Facebook and other things Internet-related.

Watch it:

Ablow, who is part of the network’s A-Team, has a long history of wild and unsubstantiated claims. He has previously said that enthusiasm of Anthony Weiner’s sexting partners can be blamed on feminists, access to contraception, and gender equality in the military, suggested that same-sex parents of transgender youth need “psychological evaluations” and charged that working moms are “anti-gender” and “despise the parts of themselves” drawn to motherhood.