Leading Conservative Magazine Blames NFL Scandals On Obama

CREDIT: AP Photo/Rick Osentoski, File

Jim Geraghty, a contributor at the National Review, has found a way to blame the NFL scandal on President Obama. In an article for the National Review Online on Monday, Geragthy explained how a series of recent private sector scandals, from domestic abuse in the NFL, to General Motors having to recall cars, to a chemical spill in Virginia, are really a reflection of a nationwide leadership deficit imposed by Obama.

“Does our president just reflect a broad cultural trend in the behavior of leaders, or does he set the tone from the top?” he asks in his lead.

Gerragthy goes on to list every single Obama era scandal (manufactured or not), to expose how the President is personally responsible for the lackluster leadership of CEOs and sports commissioners across the country.

“The message has been sent, far and wide,” he concludes, “Accountability is for suckers.”

In Obama’s America, it seems, the President is an omniscient being, responsible for everything that happens, not only in government, but in the private sector as well. Geraghty’s article is just the latest in what has become a trend of blaming the President for things he has absolutely no responsibility for:

–A poll in 2013 showed that more Louisiana Republicans blamed Obama for the failed Hurricane Katrina response then they did Bush. Obama had been a Senator for 8 months when Katrina happened.

— Congress Republicans have blamed Obama for Putin’s takeover of Crimea, and even the shooting of flight MH17 by Russian separatists.

— NRA President David Keene blamed Obama for hundreds of death threats he received in the wake of Sandy Hook.

— More recently the Georgia GOP blamed Obama for the situation in Ferguson.

— In August, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) blamed his poor primary performance on Obama.

— Obama has also been personally blamed for mass shootings on at least two occasions, including the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

— Here Fox News blames Obama for unrest in Mali.

And the list goes on… Whether it’s a natural disaster or an apolitical scandal, conservatives see Obama everywhere they look.