As Ohioans Lose Jobs, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Spending Half A Million Dollars in State to Protect Its Outsourcing Agenda

Ohio families have been hurt by jobs moving overseas. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce—which receives funding from foreign companies—has fought efforts to curb outsourcing of American jobs. Now, the Chamber is spending at least $566,000 to target four Ohio congressmen who have stood up for Ohio families. Nearly 44,000 jobs have been outsourced in those districts since 1994.



Race Job Loss to Outsourcing Ad Target Who Benefits? Chamber Ad Spending
OH-15 2,932 Mary Jo Kiloy Steve Stivers $261,735
OH-16 12,181 John Boccieri James Renacci $172,175
OH-17 17,245 Tim Ryan James Graham $102,855
OH-18 11,410 Zack Space Bob Gibbs $29,245
Total Jobs Lost 43,768 Total $566,010

Source: Campaign Money Watch

The Chamber Is Spending $566,000 Targeting 4 Congressional Districts In Ohio That Lost 43,768 Jobs; The Chamber Protects Tax Loopholes For Companies That Outsource And The Democrats In Those Districts Voted To Curb Outsourcing. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending at least $566,010 in four congressional districts in Ohio. The Democratic members of those districts all voted to close tax loopholes for companies that send jobs overseas and to save teachers jobs by closing tax loopholes that benefit companies that outsource, which the Chamber opposed. Since 1994, 43,768 jobs have been lost to outsourcing in those four congressional districts alone.

Boccieri: Chamber Spending $172,000 ‘To Promote Their Pro-Outsourcing Agenda.’: Congressman Boccieri said the Chamber has “used more than $172,000 from secretive sources to promote their pro-outsourcing agenda.”

Ryan: Chamber Is ‘Not Representing The United States Anymore.’: Congressman Ryan said the Chamber of Commerce was “not representing the United States anymore; they’re representing global corporations.”

Space Spokesman: Gibbs Will Stand ‘With The Chamber Of Commerce And Their Outsourcing Agenda.’: Congressman Space spokesman Andrew Ricci said, “We’ve seen enough of Go-Along Gibbs’ anti-worker agenda to know that if elected, he’ll stand with the Chamber of Commerce and their outsourcing agenda, not for jobs in Ohio.”

Chamber President: ‘There Are Legitimate Values In Outsourcing’: In 2004, Chamber president Thomas Donahue told Lou Dobbs: “…there are legitimate values in outsourcing — not only jobs, but work — to gain technical experience and benefit we don’t have here, to lower the price of products, which means more and more of them are brought into the United States…”

Chamber Opposed Legislation To Curb Outsourcing: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposed legislation that closed tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. It also opposed legislation that gave multinational corporations a payroll tax cut that shifted jobs overseas to America.

Chamber Board Members Include Top Outsourcing Companies: Two companies on the board of the Chamber of Commerce were top ten outsourcers from 2000 to 2007. IBM outsourced 63,700 jobs and Accenture outsourced 13,000 jobs during that time period. Chamber member Siemens also was a top outsourcer, outsourcing 15,000 jobs.

Chamber Of Commerce Funded By Top Offshoring Companies :The U.S. Chamber of Commerce receives member dues from some of the top offshoring companies around the world. Those companies include: InfoSys, KPIT Cummins, Patni Americas, NIIT Technologies, QuEST Global, Rolta, SKP Crossborder Consulting, Tata Group and Wipro.

Three Ways The Chamber Receives Foreign Funds: There are at least three ways in which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce general fund receives foreign funding: (1) “Business Councils” that are used to solicit direct, largely foreign contributions, (2) Direct contributions from foreign multinationals like BP, Siemens, and Shell Oil, and (3) From the Chamber’s network of AmCham affiliates, which are foreign chambers of the Chamber composed of American and foreign companies.

Chamber Received At Least $885,000 From Over 80 Foreign Companies: ThinkProgress identified $885,000 the U.S. Chamber of Commerce received from 84 foreign countries. The money went to the same account used for attack ads.