Gov. Bush Pulling Strings

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s own home state paper is describing his “unprecedented lobbying effort” to get Congress involved in the Terri Schiavo case as “a testament to the influence of the governor and religious conservatives.” It continues on to foreshadow that the action “will be remembered as one of the most extraordinary moves in the halls of U.S. Congress ever seen on behalf of a single person who, until recently, was little-known to many in the country.” In the words of newly elected Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, Governor Bush called him up mere hours before Schiavo’s feeding tube was to be removed on Friday and instructed, “I’m not sure we can get it done here in Florida. Do whatever you can federally.”

So when Fox News pointedly asked Sen. Martinez why the federal government is “taking such extraordinary steps to intervene in the Schiavo case,” did the senator mention any of these behind the scenes political machinations by the president’s brother? No.